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Experience Your Wedding's True Essence with Documentary Photography.

Are you looking forward to getting your memorable wedding moments captured in a special way? What better way than to keep it all real, personal & unique by getting them captured in their pure, raw form?

Every couple is unique and each wedding story is special in its own way. The memories from a wedding should be remembered by the couple and their families for a long time. This can happen when memories are captured in a way that's natural, genuine & personal to each couple. One sure shot way to do that is by opting for documentary style of photography.

What Is Documentary style of Photography in Weddings? (also sometimes referred to as Candid Photography)

It's a style of wedding photography aimed at capturing the genuine emotions and moments of your special day as they unravel rather than the photographer controlling or directing the outcome.

But what exactly are candid photos?

- They're not posed or staged shots.

- They capture authentic moments.

- They freeze reactions to real-life events as they unfold.

Candid wedding photos are like little time capsules that capture:

1. Emotion: They're packed with feelings – joy, tears, excitement – all those real emotions that make your day unforgettable.

2. Romance: Love is in the air! Moments like the first look or intimate dance or those special ones at the mandap are when romance truly shines through candid shots.

3. Energy: Candid photos are lively! From Baraats to Bridal Entries to the Dance Floor fun, they're full of action and vibrancy.

4. Spontaneity and the Unexpected: These shots bring out the wild, unscripted side of your wedding – laughter, funny toasts, goofiness, kids being kids, adults becoming kids and so much more!

5. Personalities: Candid pics reveal the real you and your loved ones – from intimate to playful to serious, they capture every facet of your personality.

6. The Story: Candid photos narrate your true wedding story. They cover everything, from getting ready to the grand entries to the emotional exits, and they're not just posed snapshots.

So, if you want photos that tell the whole story of your big day in an authentic way, candid photography is the way to roll!

How to get Amazing Candid Wedding Photos: Simple Tips

We all want our wedding photos to be gorgeous and timeless, right? Well, getting perfect candid wedding shots can be a bit tricky. You don't want yourselves or your loved ones to look stiff, under stress or posed in those precious pictures. But fear not, here are some straightforward tips to help you snap natural and stunning candid wedding photos.

1. Have a Blast:

It can be tough to loosen up when you know someone's got their camera on you. But if you can forget about the photographer for a bit, you'll appear more natural. And guess what? Your loved ones will feel the same way! They'll smile and laugh without feeling staged. So, just relax, enjoy your time with family and friends, and let the photographer capture those beautiful, spontaneous moments.

2. Stay Chill:

Keep your cool throughout the day and you'll get those natural, beautiful shots you're after. If you're all tense and uncomfortable, it's going to show in the photos. Take a deep breath, relax & have fun!

3. Let Your Emotions Flow:

Candid wedding photography is all about catching those genuine emotions. So, don't hold back! Let those feelings out, and you'll end up with some truly incredible and authentic photos.

4. Pick the Right Photographer:

Choosing the right photographer is a big deal. Look for someone experienced and creative who can connect with people on an emotional level. They should be able to blend in during functions, without being intrusive. Having a pre-hiring meeting is a smart move to ensure both of you are on the same page.

During your meeting, you can discuss:

- What you want to be captured on your big day

- How you want your wedding to feel in images and videos

- Create a timeline of events for the day

Being clear and communicative with your photographer will help avoid any surprises on your wedding day. And remember, an experienced wedding photographer can assist you in planning and executing your photography vision.

So, there you have it! Follow these tips, and you'll be well on your way to capturing fantastic candid wedding photos that you'll cherish forever. If you'd like to connect with us, feel free to reach out at +91 89835 24055. We're here to make your day even more special!


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