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A bit more about us!


Hello there! Thank you for showing interest in getting to know a little more about us!

That in the picture is me, Rachna, with my hubby-cum-business partner Niranjan.


We both met at an MNC where we used to work regular 9-5 jobs. Over time, friendship turned to love and we eventually got married. But as luck would have it, ever since we became a couple, we never stayed together in the same city or country due to our jobs. Since staying apart was becoming more and more difficult, I took the decision of quitting my job so that we could be together. That’s when I turned to my hobby - photography. We love to travel and explore new places.  So on the pretext of trying to better myself at photography, I started planning more and more trips so that I could capture landscapes wherever we went! :-D

With time, desire to grow and opportunity to capture beautiful moments and emotions in their candid form
is what drew me to weddings. This, albeit challenging to begin with, not only gave me a chance to expand my skill but also a platform to bring joy into others' lives by creating beautiful memories out of their precious moments! That is when Rachna Niranjan Photography was officially born.

As we were living in the US at the time, shooting a few weddings there gave me much needed confidence as well as the push to pursue this as the new career path once we moved back to India. From the moment I shot my first wedding in India in 2016, I fell in love with the variety and the vibrancy – of colors, emotions, celebrations and of course, the food!

Influenced by me and infected by the photography bug, Niranjan too left his IT job in 2018 to join me full time and the journey has only become more exciting!

We have been really fortunate to meet and cover the weddings of so many wonderful couples over the last few years, some of whom we have become good friends with. We hope to meet more amazing people, capture their special moments and create amazing memories for them! 


Get in touch with us through our contact form to know how we can make your wedding memories amazing! 

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