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Here is our answer to a few of the frequently asked questions by clients

What services do you offer for weddings?

We offer photography, videography, album design & delivery services.

What is the package cost for wedding?

We do not have a fixed package cost. We customize the package based on the duration of events, as not all weddings and functions would be of same duration. In case of video, the cost will depend on the style of videography chosen by the client - traditional or wedding highlights (cinematography)

What is your style of shoot?

Nothing makes us happier than shooting an event in the most candid way possible! We try and be as least intrusive as possible during all rituals and capture the beauty of those moments as they happen. The last thing we do is asking for a pose during rituals, that simply takes away the beauty of the moment and you will not get to savor it the way you would otherwise have. The only time/s when we take posed shots is during meet & greet (reception) and couple/family portraits.

What is your team size? Will you also be present on the wedding day?

Team size depends on the package chosen by client (only photography/photo+video/only candid highlights video or traditional etc.) I & Niranjan both will be there personally for the entire wedding, as we are the photographers ourselves:) We never take more than one wedding at a time, as we always like to give complete attention and personal touch to each wedding.

Do you provide coverage for both bride & groom sides?

Yes, we do. In fact, allowing us to do that will be beneficial to you as well. If we are the only team, it allows us to move around freely giving us complete freedom to get that perfect shot from the perfect angle without having to worry about getting in someone else's shot or getting someone else in our shot.

Do you provide a full dump (raw) of photo & video?

No, we do not and here is why. All our previous clients have hired us based on our portfolio: our finished work. Editing the images is part of that process, and is a major factor in the process of creating a final image. RAW files are unedited and therefore are not an accurate representation of our work. For us as a service provider, it is vital that we deliver to you only our very best work.

How many photos will be delivered and will they all be edited?

We put no restriction on the number of images delivered. It all gets driven by the functions/rituals that are part of the wedding. Just to give an idea (based on our experience), for a full day wedding, approx. 400-500 photos can be expected. We deliver the photos only after editing each of them carefully.

What is the delivery timeline?

Delivery of photos can take up to 3 weeks during off season and up to 6 weeks during season. Video will take approximately 4 weeks during off season and 8 weeks during season. However, we will be providing a sneak peak of the photos within 10 days of the wedding.

Do you provide albums? If yes, what kind?

Yes, we provide Canvera wedding albums. We usually provide a 12" * 18", 30 page album for weddings but you can choose a smaller size album and there is option to choose the number of pages and paper quality (price will vary accordingly)

How long do you keep the delivered content with you?

As we need to clear up the storage space regularly to put in latest content, we cannot keep the delivered content for too long. We keep them for 6 months from the date of delivery to you. After that, we will not be responsible for the delivered content.

Do you cover outstation weddings? If so, what is the package cost?

Yes, we definitely do. While our package cost doesn't change based on location, we do need you to provide us with travel and accommodation (as needed) for the entire team, if the wedding is outside Pune.

What gear do you use?

Rest assured that we use the best equipments that let us capture & deliver quality output to our clients, be it photo or video. Kindly have a look at the testimonials from our previous clients and that will give you the needed assurance :)

Do you meet a client before the booking is done?

We always try and meet our prospective clients before proceeding further. This gives us both a chance to get to know each other and have a good talk on their requirements, expectations and is easier to clarify any questions they might have. Most importantly, clients will be at ease on the wedding day having met us before hand :)

What is your payment terms?

We require an advance of 50% of total package cost to block the dates for you. Once we do that, we do not accept any other inquiries for those dates. For the same reason, the advance paid will be non-refundable. We do not want to hassle you on your wedding day and hence take the remaining 50% payment within a week from the wedding.

What is the booking process?

Once we get a go ahead from you, we share a contract that lists down the details of coverage, package cost, deliverables etc. We will block the date for you once you accept the contract and pay the advance. 

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