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So many photographers!! How do I choose the right one??

A wedding, apart from being that special event which marks the beginning of two people's journey into married life, is also an occasion where loads of moments get created by the second - of love, laughter, fun, celebration, smiles, tears & much more! Now, what if these moments are not captured? Of course you would have memories of them in your mind but will they last for a lifetime? May be some but not many! That's where a photographer comes into picture!

If you decide to have your special day captured, then the big question you have to answer is which photographer to hire? If you've a particular photographer in mind already then you're set with it. If not, then there's an array of choices at your disposal - based on budget, style, work experience, client ratings, location etc. Having put that out there, here we share some tips on what could help you choose the right photographer for your special day.

Of course, budget invariably becomes the most important criterion in this decision, right? Well, please keep in mind that the venue, the decor, the food, the music & the guests disappear once the wedding is over. The only thing that stays with you forever is the beautiful memories created through well captured photographs (& videos). So, being a little flexible on the budget front when it comes to selecting a photographer will not only provide you with more choices but also ensure that you get priceless memories in return!

With budget not being the primary deciding factor, next question to tackle is where to scout for photographers. We recommend picking a few platforms where you can scout for photographers (few examples - Instagram, Wedmegood, Google, the list is endless!!). You can then checkout the work of different photographers in detail before shortlisting a few.

Once you have shortlisted the photographers you want to have further discussions with, we recommend meeting them in person (if that is not possible, then have a discussion over video call). This is essential to understand more about the photographer(s) and their working style, have a detailed conversation about your wedding, your requirements, their work (a look at their sample album would give a good idea on the print quality of their images) & clarify any queries before you decide any further. Establishing a rapport with them prior to the wedding gives you a chance to see whether they get along well with you, whether you find them friendly and trustworthy & how good they are at communicating with you (because believe it or not, good communication is extremely important leading up to the wedding as well as once the wedding is over, when you are waiting for your photos and videos). Having done this beforehand, it allows you to relax on your special day, since you would not be worrying about where the photographer is, whether he/she is doing the job properly or not because in some way, they have already become your friends for the day and giving utmost priority to an extensive coverage becomes their goal.

Please keep in mind that a photographer's involvement is not just limited to shooting on the wedding day and delivering the photos/video. It is much much more than that! A good photographer is someone who goes beyond just taking photos and videos. They create a bond with you, and thus ensure that your engagement with them turns out to be a smooth one. Since you might involve them in planning things other than photography too, like your outfits, decor at the venue, lighting etc., it's imperative that you choose someone who listens to your inputs/requests, answers your queries with clarity & most importantly, is responsive.

The photographer team is going to be a part of your entire wedding (single/multiple days & multiple events). So, it is important to have someone who gels well with you & your family, someone who understands the importance of not hindering the proceedings by being invisible while ensuring every moment-the main ones as well as the special ones in between- are well captured.

Lastly, once the wedding is over, you would be eagerly waiting to see the photos/video. Having a photographer who continues to communicate with you post the wedding & delivers on time, will help you be relaxed as well as make the wait worth your time :)

We end the post with this thought - choosing the right photographer has the potential to make your memories special that you can cherish for a lifetime instead of they being just a collection of moments :)

Happy hunting!


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