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Moments well captured not just create memories but make one's life that much more beautiful! We, at Rachna Niranjan Photography, love capturing moments that excite us like nothing else and enable us to make the life beautiful for our clients.


We are a husband-wife team of Candid Wedding Photographers based out of Pune, India (we do travel across India to cover shoots). Our beautiful journey in photography began when I, Rachna, started capturing landscapes wherever we went! It gave us an opportunity to combine two things we loved the most - travelling places and capturing the natural beauty of those.


With time, desire to grow and opportunity to capture moments in their candid form is what drew me to weddings. This, albeit challenging to begin with, not only gave me a chance to expand my skill but also a platform to bring joy into others' lives by creating beautiful memories! Being more of a silent partner in this endeavor until recently, my husband Niranjan has now joined me full time and it has only become more exciting.


There is always a multitude of emotions at a wedding and getting that perfect moment clicked is what stands out from the posed shots. This is what we love to do! We do not interfere, do not ask you to hold a pose during rituals and do not ask for retakes as it takes away the original beauty from the moment. We try and make a connection with every couple so that on your wedding day, it is not some stranger shooting you and you are at ease. Every wedding is unique and every couple is special. Which is why, we invest time in selecting the very best pictures and edit them ourselves. Each picture is given due attention at every step.  As you are entrusting us with capturing the most special day of your lives, it is only fair that we make sure you remember this day in the most special way!

-Rachna & Niranjan-


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