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Vaibhavi & Aditya

Mumbai, MH

Deepa : We knew we were going to hire Rachna right when the wedding was fixed not only because she is our very good friend but also she is an amazing photographer. And who else could know that better than me since I had seen her skills first hand during our college days while she clicked everyone including me in cell phones ( not to forget with some creative
Just few days before the wedding, much to my surprise I got to know that Niranjan has joined her too and I got to witness his amazing photography skills too.
These guys make an incredible team. We loved how they capture the REALITY of weddings – from happy tears to wiggly children to the crazy mischief and brides sneaking whatsapp chat to help with her jitters. Both are extremely friendly, punctual and professional who will help you capture your best moments for you to cherish life long.

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