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Tips to share with your Planner/ Decorator to help us get the best photos :)

1. If any of your function is held outdoors in the daytime, then a white covering on the mandap / stage is a must so that sunlight gets diffused. If not, there will be lot of harsh light and shadows falling on you and it looks unpleasant in the photos and videos. 


2. Avoid pink/ yellow /green coverings for outdoor or indoor set ups. It casts a tinge on the skin thats difficult to remove in post processing.


3. No pink n blue LED lights in ambience / decor.


4. Face lights are a must for sangeet with constant warm white setting and for outdoor evening/night wedding. .


5. If LED is in the background for sangeet, avoid white display and opt for black display. White LED tends to get overexposed and disturbs the focusing and look of footage. 


6. Avoid plain or majorly white background in general on stages, it becomes over exposed in photos and videos. Choose any other color instead that contrasts with your outfits


7. Please ensure that the decorators keep the decor ready well in advance so that it helps us get get clean shots without guests. We might miss out on such shots if decor is not ready on time. 


8. Always opt for fresh flowers instead of artificial atleast near the mandap and in the background. It makes a lot of difference in the pics and videos.


9. Choose a stage background that contrasts with the groom n bride's outfits.


10. Avoid keeping mandaps in corner of the hall . Make sure to have enough space around it for photographer team to move around. Seating should be arranged atleast 5 Mts away .


11. Ensure the mandap/ varmala stage background and decor aligns with the east - west direction of seating. Pandits require the couples to sit facing East or west and if it does not align well with the decor, then all the decor you paid for gets missed out from the shots during the actual rituals. 


12. Need a riser when stage height for any of the functions is more than 2 feet.


13. Need dedicated  table for keeping camera equipment of team.


14. If sangeet/cocktail is indoors, we would not recommend keeping a fog device since the fog doesn’t dissipate easily in an indoor setting and it affects the photos and videos since we cannot capture anyone’s faces in that. We will not be responsible for poorly visible people in photos and videos if fog is being used indoors.


15. Please discuss with your other vendors like makeup artists and planners and check if they are going to bring their own photographer. We cannot be responsible if they affect our work .

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